A Return to Writing

After an extended hiatus I’m returning to writing. In the last two years everything has changed; my school was taken over by a charter, I have moved to a new school, I have switched subject areas three times in the last three years, and those are only the ‘big things’.

As you can imagine the pace of life in general made it necessary to give some things up and writing was one of them. I’m not less busy at this point but Word Press reminded me it has been a year since I paid them and I decided that was the universe telling me to get back to it!

Since so much has happened in my school(s) that is reflective of the field of education on a larger scale I’m going to be sharing what it’s like to be on a school improvement team, work with the community, what happens when your school is taken over by a charter partner, how it works out (and sometimes doesn’t) when you move to a new school, what happens when you have more staff turnover than expected, how students are impacted by extended learning time and longer school days, and many other topics. I’ve experienced a lot in the last two years so there’s a lot to explore.

Cant wait to get started…glad to have you along for the journey.

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