Ok, so I’d like to try something I know how to do but haven’t done for a while that is relaxing and lets me think while I’m doing it.

Perfect solution…knitting. They always show people knitting on movie sets between takes, on the sidelines of certain sports, in Insta worthy beautiful artists communities, and it’s supposed to help with dexterity as well as relaxation. I can’t actually think of a bad aspect of knitting so I’m in!

I learned how to knit the first time when I was maybe 13-14 years old when my great grandmother taught me. I had dropped it after a while, but realistically the average 15 year old doesn’t want to be sitting in Mc Donalds with their friends and their knitting bag. Years later I decided to pick it up again and my Aunt Maryanne gave me a refresher course when she taught me how to finish the end of a scarf. Basically all I know how to do is a scarf so I’m going to be trying that again.

I’ll post some pictures once I get started. Wish me luck.

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