Thinking about how we define ourselves

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we define ourselves. Sometimes we use gender, sometimes race, ethnicity, religion, language, age, size, hobbies, where we live, how we live, carnivore vs herbivore vs omnivore, electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush…the list is endless.

I saw the Danish TV ad I’m sharing below at a time when people were all talking about what makes us different. For what I assume to be obvious reasons, I’m thinking again about what makes us the same and what makes us different.

Watch this and really watch how the group changes.

I’m thinking about my friends who are part of the protests and my friends who work on the police force. I’m thinking about George Floyd and how scared he must have been to feel himself running out of air. I’m thinking about how easy it is to chalk things up to politics, fake news, bad intentions, the ever present statements which are being cherry picked from MLK Jrs speeches about not being violent which are then paired with Insta worthy images, the inability to decide what you believe because you feel like you’re drowning. Drowning in sadness, drowning in rage, drowning in fear, drowning in a lack of action, drowning in hopelessness…

Until you see something or hear something that reminds you that you are not the only person thinking about this and you are not the only person trying to figure out what you can do and how you can be a part of making changes to the system that left George Floyd to die on the ground alone, even though he was surrounded by people.

Think about what you believe, but also take time to listen to the thoughts of people who have more at stake than you do.





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