Thinking about being alike

In the story below it only takes a minute or two to understand where the writer is headed but it takes the full eight minutes to ‘get it’. Trust me, it’s worth the time. This is my go to for times when I need a little cheering up. It reminds me that there is no value in everything being alike and expecting everyone to be alike as well. It reminds me that there is value in how everyone thinks and we are a better more ‘colorful’ society when we accept different ways of thinking.

It also reminds me that how we think and what we think is important is something that defines us, but is also something we can change if we don’t like the kind of person we have become. It can be scary to stand there, realizing people are watching and there is likely some judgement, and decide it’s time to change. But the power of change is remarkable. It has the ability to shift our relationships, our approach to school and work, our way of interacting with others…everything really.

So for me it really comes down to whether it’s time to stop and think about how you’re thinking and what you’re thinking, but mostly why you are thinking about things the way you are. If who you *are* has changed because of things that have happened in your life then it’s a good time to revaluate how you think about yourself and the choices you make.

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